Sally’s Second Annual Winter Retreat

When you refer to an event as an annual one, doesn’t that imply repeat performances, like, again next year? That is my hope.

 A substantial but modest cabin and a studio space with an exquisitely stained sink were home base for two weeks this past month.  The studio sink, imbued with the perfect image of a messy paint brush, was a talismen as I found my way into a 14-day intensive studio practice. Painting, daily walks in the forest and on the beach, photography, some dancing and reading – my second annual residency at Centrum in Port Townsend, Washington.

During those two weeks I literally watched an early spring begin. Significantly more light each day, buds everywhere and finally daffodils and cherry blossoms. My own reawakening as well, I suppose.

Sunrise light shows.

Centrum 2015 Centrum 2015 10

Buds became blossoms.

Centrum 2015 Centrum 2015 8

Alluring sea grass, and stones.

Centrum 2015 4 Centrum 2015 (1)

Muddy boots and forest mysteries.

Centrum 2015 5 Centrum 2015 3 (1)

Centrum 2015

The stain in this studio sink delivers a resounding message to every visiting artist: make a mess and march on. Which I did.

Centrum 2015 1 Centrum 7

Same time, next year.

Centrum 2015 9