Poppy and Sally: On the Same Page

At first it was about participating equally in projects. We (Poppy & Sally) would each contribute something and then fiddle to find a way to combine and make separate ideas work together. Fairly soon we noticed that our points of view might be different, as our photography is different, but decisively compatible. Such collaboration characterizes our professional relationship and our friendship. We usually arrive on the same page even when we start from different places. When we don’t, creatively-speaking, that’s a blessing too.

Our separate photographic archives are the source of monthly diptychs. Without any initial discussion, we each choose a few photo possibilities for that month, then select two, one from each of us, that harmonize in some indescribable way.  The result is a pair, a diptych, that we both like.

In this way we’ve been creating diptychs for our Mixed Greens blog for six years now. Here are a few of many.

Rose Hips  Wild Turkeys

Dried Hydrangea  Cafe

Tomato Caprese  Greenlake Kayaks

Lemon Squeezer  Hummingbird

Cecil Bruner Rose   Reeds in Water

Little Pink Dress   Chocolate Tofu Pudding