Our Excellent 36-Hour Adventure

Last weekend we woke up with the chickens, rendezvoused, drove north from Seattle through a somber Skagit Valley and ferried to Orcas Island.

Thirty-six hours there, then home again, starting with IPhone snapshots from the car window, a ferry ride, and a walk in the woods. That evening we attended an island photo show featuring some of Poppy’s photos (she was a hit!), dinner at a Mexican restaurant, and the next morning a visit to the island’s artisanal fair in Eastsound. What are friends for but to keep the other company during certain adventures?

Skagit Valley Skagit drive

Skagit Valley snapshots out of the car window.

 Skagit Valley Skagit Valley

Looking out the ferry boat’s rain-dropped window toward Lopez Island.

From the Ferry

a walk in the woods

Lake Killebrew was thawing from a week of deep freeze temperatures. Beautiful in its foggy, moody state.

Walk in the woods

the pond

DSC_1346 our walk in the woods 2 walk in the woods

We took off down the road, then along an old path and found what we found.

walk in the woods our walk in the woods our walk in the woods 4

DSC_1343     our walk in the woods 5     our walk in the woods 3

A heavenly respite, time together and in the woods.

Skagit Valley Drive Thru

Headed home.