My Daily Practice: A Photo-a-Day

Last March I started a new practice – take a photo every day, print it, pin it up on a board and notice the patterns that emerge. In the city, on the island, in the car – no matter where I am, I can see my own point of view more clearly when I take it out of the camera, off the computer screen and put it on paper. I’ve found the different aspects of my life fit together and make sense instead of feeling scattered and compartmentalized. Letting go of judgement of what I’ve created, following my intuition, letting it guide me, going back to the same spot over and over, taking a different route than normal, working toward my 10,000 hours to perfect my craft – these lessons and much more, all from this simple practice. Here are some of my latest favorites.

Christmas Shop Window  Water Droplets on Smoke Tree

Shop Window with Mirrors  Frozen Lake

Rusty Barn Door  Reflection in Frozen Lake

House with Star Light  Water Droplets on Smoke Tree

Log Jam  Building in Ballard

Wreath in Shop  Young Buck

Orange Cafe Chairs and Tables  Madrona Berries

Winter Sunrise  Lighted Santa in Bar

When the New Year begins, I encourage you to find a practice of your own – make your mark, do your doodle, find your rhythm, move your body, live YOUR life.

Happy Holidays!!